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How to Clear Blocked Drains – Contact Us

Blocked drains can be an unwelcomed stressful occurrence in our lives and when we have one, the only thing on our minds is to get it cleared and running freely again. Blocked drains can occur for all manner of reasons including putting too much paper down the toilet, food down the sink or more natural reasons such as falling leaves clogging up gutters.

If your drain blockage is minor, they can often be cleared by pouring boiling water into them, especially combined with bicarbonate of soda, or in the case of gutters and external drains, by clearing leaves and debris from them.

When the blockage is more serious, especially those that are not visible, things can be a little more complicated and attempting an amateur repair can cause more damage than the blockage itself. If you have a drainage problem and cannot figure out how to clear your blocked drain or have tried and failed, it is important to call in an expert in clearing blocked drains to solve the issue and prevent any further damage to your property.

If you are looking for a company that specialises in clearing blocked drains in any of the areas mentioned below, Chris Drains from London Drains Blocked can help.

(please note that in Central London parking and Congestion Charge supplements apply to all jobs)

Chris offers a fixed fee service at £79 (plus any parking and Congestion Charge fees) and can be on site quickly to help you with any of your drain clearance requirements in a professional, efficient friendly manner. So if you are looking how to clear blocked drains anywhere in Greater London, give Chris Drains a call today on 0208 621 3196 or 07958 953797 at any time, day or night and he will have your drains cleared and running freely in no time.